Private tuition too expensive?

Group tuition 2000 x 830

Are you searching for a tutor for private or home tuition, only to find that the price is too high? However, you do not want to send your child to tuition center as the number of students per class are too many, and you feel that your child might not receive enough attention from the tutor?

Here is our suggested solution – Group Tuition

Group tuition is lesson targeting a maximum of 5 students per group. It is usually conducted at the tutor’s or student’s house. Sometimes, the group may agree on having lessons in a public library, an office or a center. With group tuition, the cost per student is much lower, compared to 1-on-1 lesson. At the same time, the number of students are small, ensuring sufficient attention from a tutor to each individual in that group.

We are in the process of identifying the request for group tuition. If there are enough students to form a group, the next step to be done is getting suitable location for conducting lessons.

If you are interested to enroll your child in a group tuition, please fill in the form below, and we will contact you soon.

( To view available tuition groups that you can join, please click here)

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