Benefits of Home Tuition or Home School with a Private Tutor

Here are the 4 main ones:

• Your Child Will Get The Tutor’s Personalized & Full Attention!

One-to-one or small group (2 to 3 students) ensure your child receives a private tutor’s full attention. Just like private coaching, this allows tutor to identify the student’s uniqueness, strengths and weaknesses. Thus, the tutor can come up with a suited plan/strategy on how to improve your son or daughter’s academic achievement faster!


• Fine-tuned Lessons!

Need to allocate more time revising on certain topics? Want to concentrate more on doing exercises to prepare for an upcoming exam? No problem! Without having to follow a fixed setting (like how it is done in schools or tuition centers), a tutor can adjust or customized lessons according to your child’s needs.


• Your Place!

Isn’t this a great relief for you? With home tuition or home school, you don’t have to send and fetch your child every time they have lessons! Instead, the tutor will come over to your place to do the lessons. This definitely saves a lot of your time & energy. Moreover, having the lessons at your place will ensure your child’s safety and comfort.


• Your Time!

Your child can have the lessons on their own preferred time and day! Be it weekdays or weekends, in the morning, afternoon or evening, we will propose tutors who can suit your preferred schedule. Additionally, if you need to postpone a lesson due to an emergency, that lesson can be replaced to another suitable time (*terms and conditions applied). Your child will never miss a lesson again!


Home tuition & home school

Now you know the benefits of home tuition or home school, here’s why you should choose our service:


• Easy & fast!

Just let us know your details & requirements (e.g. location, preferred schedule, preferred tutor) and we can check with our tutors right away. We will then proceed to email you the profiles of the shortlisted tutors for you to choose from. We can do this process much faster as we are equipped with a proper system and we have more than 1700 tutors registered with us.


• We have a guarantee!

You get to view the background and experiences of the proposed tutors, and choose the one you think is most suitable. If after the first session, you somehow feel unsatisfied with the tutor’s performance, we can replace the tutor (or you can choose to stop using our service), and the first session is free of charge. You only start paying from the first session if you are satisfied with the tutor’s performance.


• Systematic procedures!

Tutors are required to submit records for your reference to ensure the hours of lessons done are according to what you have paid. Furthermore, if you feel a tutor has under performed and would like for a replacement, you can just inform us and we will take care of it.