Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the tutors of TutorKami qualified to teach? Are they school teachers? What are their experiences?

A: Most of our tutors are full time and part time tutors. We do have school teachers, but the number is small as most of them are busy with their responsibilities. However, our non-schoolteachers tutors are skillful & have teaching experiences too. This is proven in their students’ academic improvements. Each of our tutor has qualification such as a degree or diploma in their respective field of studies.


Q: Do I need to pay’s services for helping me getting a tutor or tuition teacher?

A: There is a one time registration fees of RM50 for each student.


Q: If I am not satisfied by the services provided by a tutor recommended by you, will I get a refund?

A: Please read “TutorKami’s Guarantee” at the front page. If you find that the tutor’s service is unsatisfactory during the first lesson, you can discontinue hiring the tutor, and you don’t have to pay for the first lesson. We will then get another tutor for you. Shall you decide to continue with the initial tutor’s service for the subsequent lessons, the fees for the first lesson is inclusive in the monthly payment calculation.


Q: I have viewed a tutor’s profile and I would like to hire her for home tuition. How do I contact the tutor?

A: We will first check her availability. If she is available, we will then provide you her contact number.


Q: What if I have another student who wants to join the session? Will the rate per hour be the same?

A: There will be an addition to the rate for every student who joins, but the amount to be paid by each student will be significantly lower. Please call us to get more information about this.


Q: How long does it take for me to get a home tutor from TutorKami? I need to start the tuition classes for my son as soon as possible.

A: It will depend on your schedule preferred and your location. If the schedule is more flexible (e.g the student can have tuition in evening or afternoon) and your location is in the major cities, then it will be faster for us to get a tutor for you.


Q: How do I make payment? Do I make it to TutorKami or directly to the tutor?

A: All payments will be made directly to TutorKami. Monthly payment is to be made in the first week after all the session(s) in that week has been completed. If the payment is not received, the class for the following week will be put on hold . Call us to find out more.


Q: I’m a tuition center owner. Can you help me get a tutor to teach the students at my tuition center?

A: Yes, just call us to provide the details, and we will check our tutors’ availability. You will however have to follow our rates for the tutor’s salary.