Benefits of Group Tuition

1. Potential for higher income

You can set up the monthly fee per student for your GT.


The hourly rate paid by each student can be much lower than private tuition, however when there are high number of students in your class, your hourly rate increases. You still teach on the same slots of time & day, yet your income can be even higher than private tuition.


Isn’t that great?

2. Your choice, your arrangement

You can set up the minimum number of student to start a class. You can decides the venue for your Group Tuition. Save your time, energy & expenses if you can provide your own place as the GT venue.


You can also arrange the class schedule according to your own availability.

3. Students can’t postpone classes as they wish

Are you not familiar with this circumstance in private tuition – whereby student/parent asks to postpone a class when you have allocate that time slot for them? We understand your time are precious.


With GT, this is hardly can happen. Any postponement of classes is subjected to the agreement of all students and you!

Why offer Group Tuition with Tutorkami?

We work hard to ensure you experience the best teaching environment.


✔ Your risks are covered

Tutorkami guarantees on-time payment. Regardless of students' class attendance, you will receive the payment for the classes that has been completed.


✔ We take care of non-teaching tasks for you

From student's registration, monthly payment collections to issuing invoices & receipts to clients, we assist you to ensure you can concentrate on delivering the best vetted lessons for your students.


✔ We do Marketing online for you

Our online marketing strategy targets to disseminate information & promote your Group Tuition to prospective parents/students through Facebook, Google and our website - currently receiving thousand visitors per month.

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