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1. Kelas Group Tuisyen

Group Tuisyen adalah kelas yang mana disertai oleh sekumpulan kecil pelajar, kebiasaannya tidak kurang 3 dan tidak lebih 10 pelajar dalam setiap kelas Group Tuisyen tersebut.


Guru untuk Group Tuisyen terdiri daripada guru tuisyen persendirian (private tutor), guru yang mengajar di pusat tuisyen, atau pendidik profesional yang berdedikasi.

2. Yuran Group Tuisyen

Yuran bulanan untuk setiap Group Tuisyen ditentukan sendiri oleh tutor yang mengajar. Bukan itu sahaja, yuran Group Tuisyen kebiasaannya jauh lebih rendah berbanding tuisyen persendirian (one-to one).


Dengan bilangan pelajar yang kecil berbanding di pusat-pusat tuisyen, pilihan untuk sertai program Group Tuisyen ini pasti berbaloi kerana tutor masih boleh memberi tumpuan individual untuk setiap pelajar dalam kelasnya.

3. Lokasi Group Tuisyen

Kelas Group Tuisyen akan diadakan di lokasi yang telah ditentukan (contohnya di rumah tutor itu sendiri, atau di rumah salah seorang pelajar yang bersetuju untuk hos kelas tersebut, atau di tempat-tempat awan yang dibenarkan untuk digunakan, seperti perpuastakaan awam, kafeteria, dewan awam dan sebagainya.

1. Potensi pendapatan lebih tinggi

Anda yang tentukan yuran bulanan setiap pelajar untuk GT anda.


Walaupun untuk GT, bayaran sejam seorang pelajar lebih rendah dari private tuition, namun bila ada ramai pelajar, kadar pendapatan sejam anda akan menjadi lebih tinggi. Anda masih mengajar slot masa & subjek yang sama tetapi bayaran diterima boleh jadi lebih tinggi dari mengajar private tuisyen. Bagus bukan?

2. Pilihan di tangan anda

Anda yang tentukan jumlah pelajar minima untuk kelas bermula. Anda juga yang tentukan lokasi Group Tuition ini. Jika lokasi GT di tempat anda sendiri, anda dapat jimat masa, tenaga & wang (tak perlu travel ke rumah pelajar).


Jadual kelas juga anda yang tentukan mengikut hari & masa yang anda mahu.

3. Pelajar tidak boleh postpone kelas sesuka hati!

Ini yang selalu diidamkan oleh setiap tutor, bukan? Biasa tak berlaku dengan private tuisyen, pelajar atau ibubapa postpone kelas untuk slot masa yang anda dah peruntukkan untuk mereka? Leceh bukan terpaksa cari slot lain untuk ganti kelas? Dahla slot masa yang mereka postpone sebelum itu terbuang begitu sahaja. Masa anda amat berharga bukan?


Dengan Group Tuition, ini tidak lagi akan berlaku! Kelas hanya boleh ditangguhkan jika anda & semua pelajar dalam kelas itu bersetuju.

1. Potential for higher income

You can set up the monthly fee per student for your GT.


The hourly rate paid by each student can be much lower than private tuition, however when there are high number of students in your class, your hourly rate increases. You still teach on the same slots of time & day, yet your income can be even higher than private tuition.


Isn’t that great?

2. Your choice, your arrangement

You can set up the minimum number of student to start a class. You can decides the venue for your Group Tuition. Save your time, energy & expenses if you can provide your own place as the GT venue.


You can also arrange the class schedule according to your own availability.

3. Students can’t postpone classes as they wish

Are you not familiar with this circumstance in private tuition – whereby student/parent asks to postpone a class when you have allocate that time slot for them? We understand your time are precious.


With GT, this is hardly can happen. Any postponement of classes is subjected to the agreement of all students and you!

1. Better Supervision

Smaller class size means better supervision and students receive more individualized attention from the teacher. This ensures that no students is left behind.

2. Greater Interaction

Small class size gives room for participating and sharing of ideas between students & teacher. Students is encouraged and pushed to participate and express their opinions.

3. Enhanced Learning

Learning in small group accelerates your learning capacity. You learn more in a shorter period of time. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to ‘catch up’ with your peers and ensure you’re at par with the average class performance. Accelerated learning also give tutor the ability to cover additional materials and venturing different instructional approach for better understanding of each topic.

1. The Class

A private tutor, tuition center’s teacher or professional educator teaching in a small tuition group consisting of 5 – 10 students only

2. Fees

Price is set by the tutor and is usually cheaper than private one-on-one tutoring

3. Location

The class will be held at a pre-determined location (e.g. tutor’s location, student’s house, or common areas i.e. cafeteria, public library, residential hall etc.)

1. Understanding Your Needs

Provide us the details and the kind of tutor you prefer

2. Choose The Suitable Tutor

Profiles of shortlisted tutors will be emailed for you to view their background, qualification & experience. You can then choose the one you think is suitable

3. Monitor Performance

If you think the tutor is not suitable or your child is not happy with him/her, just inform us so we can replace the tutor.

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Established since 2013, TutorKami is the leader in helping parents getting the best tutor for their children:

  • More than 1700 registered tutors, covering major cities in Malaysia
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  • We make sure tutor completes all lessons agreed with you. This will prevent cases of tutor asking you to pay upfront, and did not show up later in the month
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You only start paying from the first session if you are satisfied with our tutor’s performance.


If you are not satisfied, we will replace with another tutor, and the first session with the previous tutor is free of charge.

Private tutors for Pre-school, UPSR, PT3, SPM, IPC, IGCSE & others in almost all cities in Malaysia


What Do Our Clients Say

Overall I’m satisfied with Miss Jeannie. She is a very good tutor and now I can see improvement in my daughter’s result. My suggestion is for you to increase the areas or locations covered. Keep up the good work TutorKami!

Madam Inez Tropika Kemensah, Melawati

Cikgu Hamizah is a good teacher, Mr Mages is also a good teacher. Most important, Mr Mages is one of the most patient teacher I’ve ever met. He patiently teach my daughter, even when sometimes she needs the explanation to be repeated, as she takes some time to understand. Thank you TutorKami.

Mr Adib, Kapar, Klang

My son was in a tuition center and I found out that he couldn’t seem to focus. I decided to try home tuition and TutorKami introduced me to Cikgu Najib.  He taught my son for 6 months to prepare for UPSR. My son has shown significant improvement and I’m really pleased. I would recommend Cikgu Najib as he is a skilled and an experienced tutor. Thank you for recommending him to us.

Puan Sharifah Indera Mahkota, Kuantan

My daughter has shown improvement as she likes the teacher Miss Anum, compared to the previous teacher who likes to scold her. I may need another tutor next year for Maths & Science. Thank you for helping me in getting a tutor who can get along with my daughter.

Puan Tina, Wangsa Maju, KL

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