Need Report on Your Children’s Attendance & Academic Performance?



Do you send your children to lessons like reading/writing lesson, tuition center, piano class, reading Quran or having a tutor to come to your house to give lessons?

Do you have trouble getting to know whether your child has safely arrived, or whether a class has started, or if it has ended? Do you need that information instantly, every time there is class?

Do you have trouble knowing what has your child learned in each class, and what is the report on his/her performance? Could it be that you feel that you only pay the monthly fees, but you do not know in detail, what is the child’s achievement?

If the answer yes to any of the above statements, kindly fill in the form below so we can contact you. We would like to find out if you are looking for a solution to all the troubles above.

Thank you.

(If you don’t face any of the troubles mentioned above, but you have other problems/issues related to your child’s classes/lessons, please do let us know by filling the form below. We might be able to come up with a solution for you)

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