2. Greater Interaction

Small class size gives room for participating and sharing of ideas between students & teacher. Students is encouraged and pushed to participate and express their opinions.

3. Enhanced Learning

Learning in small group accelerates your learning capacity. You learn more in a shorter period of time. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to ‘catch up’ with your peers and ensure you’re at par with the average class performance. Accelerated learning also give tutor the ability to cover additional materials and venturing different instructional approach for better understanding of each topic.

1. The Class

A private tutor, tuition center’s teacher or professional educator teaching in a small tuition group consisting of 5 – 10 students only

2. Fees

Price is set by the tutor and is usually cheaper than private one-on-one tutoring

3. Location

The class will be held at a pre-determined location (e.g. tutor’s location, student’s house, or common areas i.e. cafeteria, public library, residential hall etc.)

1. Understanding Your Needs

Provide us the details and the kind of tutor you prefer

2. Choose The Suitable Tutor

Profiles of shortlisted tutors will be emailed for you to view their background, qualification & experience. You can then choose the one you think is suitable

3. Monitor Performance

If you think the tutor is not suitable or your child is not happy with him/her, just inform us so we can replace the tutor.